Your bra can make you feel sick… so can tight clothes!

Updated: Oct 5, 2019

Have you ever felt yourself get progressively sick throughout the day for absolutely NO reason but then got home, changed into your comfy pjs, taken off your bra and felt instantly much better? There’s a reason for that!

This is something I NEVER thought I’d be writing about but having scoured the internet In hopes for answers to my problems and finding little on the subject I thought I’d try and increase the chances of somebody finding the answers to their own problems by writing about it myself!

For the longest time now, I have struggled with feeling nauseous and sometimes even thinking I was going to throw up! I’ve tried everything to changing my diet, eating more or less and even going on the pill. Then one day I realised that if i just undid the button on my jeans or took off my bra and put something else on, I felt MUCH better. It wasn’t until recently that I realised just how sensitive my body is to tightness around my middle.

In the pictures above I am wearing a playsuit, it’s from primark and I actually bought it in a size too big because I wanted it to be nice and flowy. In these pictures, you can’t tell too well but there is a very thin piece of elastic that goes around the waist line. The elastic sort of gives me some overall shape and helps it look … cool?

On the way to Harry Potter World (where these pictures were taken) I sat in the car and felt worse and worse until we stopped at a McDonald’s for food and a wee and I ran into the bathroom thinking I was going to throw up!

When I realised I wasn’t going to, I needed a wee, as you all know, one of the huge perks of wearing an all in one piece is that when you pee, you get to strip down butt naked – it’s a fun time. It wasn’t until I was awkwardly sat on that toilet seat in McDonald’s that I realised I felt much better! ‘Maybe I just needed to get out of the car’ I thought. But as soon as I stood up (got dressed) and sat outside waiting for my mum I could feel myself feeling Nauseous again! It was only THEN that I pulled at the very tiny, not-very-tight-at-all elastic and realised that, THATS what’s causing all my problems!!

It’d be wise to point out that I have something called fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome which, in this instance can make my skin VERY sensitive to … pretty much anything!! So for me, it was that tiny bit of elastic that caused the nausea but someone else might experience this sickness with skinny jeans for example.

I soon realised that I experienced the same sort of nausea and sickness whenever I wore a tight bra. So I did some digging…

At first the internet told me I had stomach cancer – of course – then it said I had inflammatory stomach then it showed me some weird stuff about loosing weight…

– NOTE: this has NOTHING to do with anyone’s weight, you can suffer from this whether you’re absolutely tiny or really big! It’s NOT about loosing weight!

Then I found this thread where other women were talking about having the SAME problem, some of them had fibromyalgia and some of them didn’t and I realised just how common this is! First of all, sizing is bullshit, ESPECIALLY in places like primark where I buy my undergarments because I can’t bring myself to spend £50 on a bra (even thought I probably should) so it’s not really about your ‘size’ or buying something that’s too big for you, it’s about the pressure that’s put on certain parts of your body and whether your body is sensitive to that or not.

Like I said, I have a condition that makes it worse for me but someone else might only feel it in certain areas or after a certain amount of time.

So How can You Fix it?

Well, aside from burning your bras forever (which I must admit is very bloody tempting to me right now) I would suggest trying out the following:

  1. Invest in some sports bras – sports bras are good because they distribute the pressure a lot more evenly, although they hold you in a bit more for safety, it’s not all pushing on your rib cage which can cause reflux and all sorts. Instead, it provides support in all areas and to be honest they can be much more comfortable and cute.

  2. Don’t be afraid to go bra free – I have just turned 20 but I’ve been on the heavier side in bra sizes for a few years yet I still would insist on wearing something to keep the ol girlies in place at all times. Back in the day I wouldn’t even take my bra off to go to bed, I’d keep it on and change the next morning. Then I discovered brallettes and sports bras then I started wearing tiny crop tops underneath my pjs, now I pretty much go bra free. Some of you might be thinking “well DUH” but I know for a FACT that some young women and girls feel the need to wear SOMETHING to support their cleavage at all times. So this one is for you, let loose and become comfortable with yourself!!

  3. Get measured – now I know that I said sizes are bullshit but do you know what isn’t? Someone standing there with a tape measure and then going finding the exact right size for you! High street shops have to cater for ALL shapes and sizes but often don’t and they get it wrong… SO wrong. I am yet to embark on this weird and wonderful journey of standing with my bits out, let me tell you, just a year ago this was my WORST nightmare but if 5 minutes of slight awkwardness is going to help with years of nausea, count me IN!

  4. Consider your wardrobe – for those of you who are extra sensitive and find it’s not just bras that make you feel sick but any tightness around your middle this one is for you, maybe you have fibromyalgia too, maybe your body is just a bit more sensitive, whichever is perfectly ok! For me, I used to be able to wear all the skinny jeans and skirts in the world …


Just looking at some of these clothes makes me feel uncomfortable!! Especially the tight skirt in the very last picture, oh how I loved it so!

Your wardrobe doesn’t need to suffer, you don’t need to wear things that make you look like a sack of potatoes, my favourites are the following….

  1. mom/boyfriend jeans – super comfy, tend to not cling to your skin so much!

  1. Big tshirts – you can either tuck them in or tie them up around your waist, that way you’re in control of how tight it is and how much room you give yourself

  2. Crop tops – especially tshirt style ones! These literally just hang off of your shoulders and are great for lazy days too!

  1. Tshirt dresses – a TRUE favourite of mine. Total freedom!

  2. On a similar wavelength, also Maxi Dresses! – Super easy way to look put together, look and feel like you tried but all you did was throw on a dress!!

  1. Hippie/Genie trousers as I like to call them – you know the ones, often have a cute print, quite spacious and elasticated!

Processed with VSCO with c7 preset
  1. Anything-but-tight-shorts – these are my absolute FAVOURITE short I have ever owned! they also tie up so I get to choose how tight I want them!

  1. Srappy vests – another classic from primark, they are super loose, hang off of your shoulders and look great in all situations!


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