Snapshots from Rainy London

Last minute London trips are my favourite thing, I live super close to the city so it’d be like… a crime not to take advantage of that! However, sometimes these trips are so last minute that no one checks the weather! Usually we get pretty lucky but we do live in England after all… we were bound to get caught in the rain at some point!

My friend Jas and I braved the rain (so did our poor cameras) and went on a mini shooting adventure, later on in the day however, the rain went from heavy to a torrential storm (slight exaggeration) and we headed home for fluffy socks and hot cups of tea. Here are the photos we did manage to get whilst we were there though!

Hope you enjoyed these little snapshots from our day in London, I was feeling pretty rough that day which added to the adventure being cut short but we got some pretty photos out of it, Jas had an interview while I warmed up and got some caffeine in me to keep me going until I got home and passed out!

Remember, Word Hard, Have Fun and Make a Difference!

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