NYC – A Day in Pictures

If you know anything about me, it is that I LOVE New York City, it is certainly a ‘big’ trip for me to make considering I live across the pond in good ol’ England, however, that doesn’t stop me from visiting every couple of years. Not only do I possess a never ending infatuation with the concrete jungle, I also have family of whom live on Long Island which is even more of a reason to go! I get to see my favourite people and be in my favourite place!

It has been a year since I wandered the crazy streets of manhattan dreaming of my box of an apartment which I would totally be happy in so long as I could survive and live and breathe my favourite place and trust me, when a year goes by I know it, I feel it… Hopefully I’ll return soon I would LOVE to go in December and see it at my favourite time of year too! Here are some pictures I never actually posted on here from my trip last August. My style has changed since then, so it is nice to look back on both my fantastic day and my thought process in post production of these images, enjoy…

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