Hello, my name is jess and you've just found my blog. I already have a few posts up from a previous blogging life but we’re back with the writing and excited to make some good good things for you to read.

So I guess a “little bit about me” is in order. I am a 21 year old marketing student living in London. I am a professional photographer with experience in filmmaking. I have two YouTube channels and an instagram I put way to much effort into. I also make songs every now and then... so why am I blogging again? Well. There are a couple reasons;

1. To do it differently

When I had a blog a couple of years ago I was so caught up in doing what was trendy that I forgot to enjoy the process, the truth is writing is one of my favourite forms of communication that I’m pretty good at.

So I’m afraid theres probably not going to be many ”blogtober” posts round these parts... and if I do anything beauty related you best believe its because I’m genuinely impressed cause aint nobody got time to buy new products and take pretty flatlays them every week.

This leads me onto the next point...

2. Personality and personal things

I love the idea that rather than filming a whole YouTube video, sitting around for hours editing it and then posting it on a scheduled time, I am able to have an idea and get it out there immediately with a blog. I can write up my thoughts & hit post and even do it from my bed! Which is helpful considering I have a chronic illness but we’ll get to that at some point!

3. Blog based ideas

Because writing has been a big communication tool for me since I was very young, it comes naturally to me. I often think of great ideas that wouldn’t really translate well in a video or Instagram post. I’m looking forward to being able to share more of my life, ideas and creative pursuits in a way that suits me.

So thats the little introduction out of the way... I look forward to creating a positive fun environment with you!

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