Going to Instagram Hot Spots in London!

My little sister is one of the millions of her age that is obsessed with YouTube and with Zoella and her gang. She asked me a LOT of times to take her and eventually I said yes, I wouldn’t let the day be a waste all together though – Ellie, my sister, got a pop socket and explored the store so she was happy – then it was my turn to pick where we headed next. From my experiences in Paris, I knew a trusty google search amongst Bloggers would not let me down so I typed in “instagram hot spots in london” we didn’t explore all of them but we did find some beautiful nooks and crannys in London that I will definitely be returning to! Some of the spots were pretty obvious, like Big Ben, but I had never actually seen it from the angle suggested with my own eyes. So, with my camera in hand still feeling the buzz of my caramel frappucino with an extra shot, I stepped forward to get the best shots I could! Here are the results!

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