Bare Faced Confidence this Autumn

Just a couple of years ago stepping outside without makeup filled me with dread, anxiety would start building the more people looked at me and the more anxious i got the more people looked. Looking back now I must've looked a little crazy walking behind my mother with eyes that can only be described as frantic but to me, i was being judged. Since then I have been on a journey of self acceptance and yada yada you know the drill. If you follow me on instagram you will know about some of that journey.

One thing I noticed, however was that no matter how good I felt in my body or in an outfit, I felt the need to wear makeup if I was going outside. This partly comes from the fact that I have an invisible illness one of the biggest symptoms is fatigue and even if I don't look like it, I feel like I have eyeballs bigger than my future! Since I was 13 I have had a pale face and deep circles under my eyes due to my health complications, I got into the habit of covering this up very quickly. I wanted to be normal.

There are other reasons for my need to cover up but thats for another time, regardless, if I am heading out the front door... or even if my friends are coming to visit! - I NEED COVERAGE! I'm not even one for foundation, I haven't touched fake eyelashes I tend to like the 'natural' look but I'm pretty sure its to blend in!

Since realising this about myself I decided to start making a change, I no longer wanted to hide or feel the need to do so. Now this journey is obviously a long one and only something one can do alone, I don't want to preach at you today, take your time with your naked face... there have even been days that i didn't wear makeup and felt great the whole time and then saw pictures or video later and was horrified... your feelings are ever changing and they do not define your identity.

I do however have some practical things that I did to ensure that I felt better about myself - or had no reason not to. Before I decided to look after my face I had never been interested in skincare, it was kinda boring, I didn't believe in any companies claim to brilliant results and I certainly wasn't going to waste any precious dollar on strange oils that might cause breakouts.

Luckily, the brands I chose with care haven't caused any harm thus far and as we enter the colder months the weather becomes more brutal against our skin. So it is important to look out for it.

You may have guessed already but due to my initial lack of interest I like to keep things pretty simple when it comes to skincare, oils and serums worry me, I am a big fan of cleanliness and moisture.

We are marketed and sold all sorts of crazy things regardless of the industry, I may be wrong because if you haven't noticed - I'm no expert - but most of the time, the minimum is whats required. So here are some things I think people forget about but it makes all the difference

  1. Cover your face with a warm wash cloth before you wash - an age old tip taught to me by my mother, a warm flannel will open the pores in ya face and make sure that when you're washing your face you can get right in there and have a deeper, more effective clean!

  2. If you're going to use a face scrub keep it gentle and follow up with a moisturising wash - having just made your skin a little more sensitive its important that you don't now go in too harsh! I always opt for the 'gentle' face scrub, they still do the trick but the beads are smaller - depending on what you're using and it often moisturises as well. That doesn't mean you should pass up the chance to add a soft foaming face wash, I'm not advising you on specifics because everyone is different and what works for my skin may cause a reaction in yours, I tend to avoid scented soaps. You'll definitely notice a difference in the softness of your skin if you use a moisturising wash after a scrub!

  3. Clean your face twice a day - at night you sweat and rub and sometimes drool, during the day you're exposed to all sorts of harsh weather - especially now, gross things in the air and if you're a city gal like me then x all of that by 10!

  4. If you're in the shower and you like it hot, cool it down before you wash your face (and your hair!) - We all love a welcoming steamy hot shower at the end of a rough day, but washing your face and hair in this can actually cause more damage than you realise! You don't have to enter the Antarctic to give yourself a good clean but turn the hot down a bit, get nice n' luke warm - you can always turn it back up after!

  5. Find the perfect moisturiser for you - don't focus on price or what everyone else uses, your skin is your skin! - This is something I definitely experience, we've all had a bit of shelfie jealousy but actually it doesn't matter how nice the packaging looks, how expensive the product is or who has what for me, I get weird breakouts if I use anything but a specific face wash from wilkos that's literally £1, for the rest of my skincare I stick to Simple, I mainly tried them out because they're cruelty free and not too expensive, I tend to stick to what I know! It might be nice to have the new £50 serum but if you don't need it, you're not in the market or you're just a bit envious then stick to what you know. Better that then risking your skin for the sake of ... clout?

I know those tips were very simple but like I said in the beginning, this is more about having the confidence to be barefaced as the colder months approach rather than me trying to sell anything to you!

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