2017 Photo Round Up

My photography, blog focus and general ideas about want I want to talk about changed a lot in 2017 but I am most proud of realising and finding my own photography style, so here is a round up of the best photos I took and some favourite memories of 2017!!!

Clacton w the Fam

Walks in the Park

Attempting ‘Lifestyle’ Shots…

Forest Visits

Spontaneous and full blown photoshoots with Friends…

London Visits


Last photoshoot of the YEAR! 

As you can probably see, not only has my style of actual photo taking and storytelling within photos changed, but so has my editing style and I finally have the editing style that with a few inevitable tweaks along the way I think I’ll be sticking to for a while now. I am super excited for the new year and its opportunities and experienced, especially for the blog and my photography and video making!!

The past year has truly been filled with ups and downs, I have come out stronger in many ways and honestly still weak about some things. Looking back at these photos makes me smile, let me know if you had a favourite or if you totally hate the new editing style!

Remember to Work Hard, Have Fun and Make a Difference! Love ya millions!


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